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 Aurélie (pronounced oh - reh - lee )

Your loved ones are what matters the most, and I know you want some of your moments captured to treasure and hold close to your heart for the rest of your lives and beyond…


Your creations are the essence of your work and I know you need some sightly imagery to showcase what you do,  to your clients, the press, on social media... 

My style is relaxed and candid, and presence discreet, so you can enjoy your moment whilst I capture what matters the most to you. I combine a personalised documentary approach with a touch of creativity and very little directed posing, so you and guests look like "yourselves" whilst having striking images to remember the occasion. 

I have over over 12 years' professional and personal experience in doing just this, creating content, capturing life and love, in English and "en Francais": occasions for couples (proposals, engagements, weddings, civil partnerships) and families (maternity, newborn, baby/cake smash, birthdays, christenings, portraits, companion animals) and lifestyle/editorial. 

I'm "in love with Love", making the most of life and documenting it so the memories are treasured forever and passed on to new generations. 


A keen photographer from a young age, I only realised the importance of "properly" immortalising those important moments after getting married myself. For our "big day", we decided to skip the budget of hiring a professional and relied our guests' pictures. Whilst we do have a few great ones and I am forever thankful to them for helping us out, the majority of pictures are too low resolution, blurry, not framed.... As a result of this, we missed out on a lot of the details (which I now particularly love to capture), key moments and portraits... some with people that are not with us anymore.

If needed, I'll also gladly help with other aspects of planning: preparations, decoration or organising... Finding the perfect location for that proposal... thanks to my experience in wedding and event planning, as well as in crafts, floristry, travel and fine dining (my other half is a chef trained in Michelin star restaurants).

Publications include: The KnotVogue, Der Hund (Germany), Marie-Claire, The Evening Standard, Bazaar, Country & Town House, The Handbook, Dogs Today Magazine...



London (UK) & travelling (in the UK and abroad)

(in English and en Français)

Let's discuss your photographic needs and how I can help! 

Contact: hello@photobya4.com

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