Marcel Le Corgi - 2022 Digital Calendar

Updated: Apr 30

It's become a tradition, started in 2017 to raise funds for charity. A calendar, first printed and now fully digital (but printable) featuring a year of Marcel's adventures and shenanigans (and a terrible dad joke or two) to make people smile with His Royal Lowness, captured by yours truly (for those who don't know, I, "Maman" Aurélie am his official pap and the content creator behind his social media).

The theme for 2022 is "Life is Short (and So Are My Legs)", an ode living in the moment, one of the many things dogs teach us humans.

Why digital?

- I did not want to make too many trips to the post office in 2020, to keep ourselves and others safe

- My usual printers couldn't supply the recycled paper I prefer to use last year in 2020

- Postage has become increasingly expensive (it now costs over £7 to ship a single calendar to North America) and is terribly unreliable

- Many of you had to leave their 2020 calendar in their offices due to working from home, and so I started to create digital files to make up for this and thought, why not continue. Whilst being fully digital, it is printable for those who prefer a physical copy, at home or with a printer (online or locally).

Why "Pay What You Can"?

- By going fully digital and designing everything myself, costs are lower (mainly access to software and Paypal fees, and time) and everyone saves on postage.

- I know things have been extra "ruff" for everyone - financially and morally, for the past couple of years, they certainly have been for us too, and, inspired by our friends at House of Islington, wanted to make it accessible to everyone, regardless of budget. Any amount is a purchase!

What does it include?

Within 72hrs of sending your payment via Paypal, you'll receive an email with instructions and a link to a online folder containing the following:

- two (2) printable PDFs (that can be printed at home, a local printer or online services), one formatted for North America and the other one is an A4 Europe format

- a PDF to view on your desktop computer or tablet with the full calendar

- individual calendar Jpeg images for each month of the year, to use as desktop computer or tablet wallpaper / backdrop

- individual Jpeg images with the captions for each month of the year, to use as smart phone wallpaper / backdrop

* in addition to these, for those able to contribute £15/$20/€18 or over, you'll get a personalised video of Marcel sent to you once Marcel has had time to feel better after his spinal surgery (hopefully in a few weeks)

Sample images from le 2021 Calendar

Where do the funds go?

Marcel's "Oh Crap" Fund.

What was initially started as his "treat and travel fund" to help us live and explore has become his care fund after he has to have spinal surgery on Christmas Day. The insurance should reimburse the surgery cost (£6.5k) but we're also looking at several months of costly physiotherapy (throwing everything we can at giving him the best chances to recover the use of his back legs), and one of his humans to care for him full time for the time being (myself 5 days a week and Pierre during his days off work).

Thanks to the fund, he'll be able to get cold laser treatment, physio and hydrotherapy, and potentially acupuncture too. We've also bought a jogger so he can enjoy the park whilst on strict rest, a crate, and many small items making his recovery more comfortable.

We're still raising funds for charity, through my volunteering as a photographer (capturing the Haute Dogs Calendar 2021 and 2022) and via Marcel's Collection by To Home From London (4% of the proceeds are donated to the amazing folks at Queen's Dog Best Stumpy Rescue) .

How can I order le 2022 Digital Calendar & Contribute to Marcel's Fund?

Simply click the Paypal "donate" link below (transactions are secure, via your Paypal account or using your cards without creating an account) or, alternatively (if your country isn't listed) send the Paypal payment to

Within 72hrs of making the payment, you'll get am email with an exclusive link to the online folder containing all the calendar files so please make sure to check your Paypal registered email for the calendar link or specify your main email in the transaction notes and do not hesitate to message us should you have any issue!

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